About John

With over 40 years of experience in the warehouse, John really has a lot of wisdom to offer to the team. John’s ability to mentor and teach is a great gift that he has brought to the Western Dispatch warehouse, one of the strengths he brings with his years of experience is his eye for a safe workplace. He can really identify where a hazard poses itself and proactively fix the issue while helping keep our younger informed on ways we can approach tasks better, whether it is improving efficiencies or keeping a safer environment John is an absolute asset for us to have on our Team

When John isn’t telling us a great story or keeping us safe, he really enjoys his quality time with his family, Time at the lake, or sitting down to watch a good game of soccer John knows how to spend his time. John also knows how to pull from his Italian heritage and cook up a meal that would leave a satisfied smile on anyone’s face.


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