About Larry

Larry is a valuable asset to the Western Dispatch team, bringing 25 years of expertise in operations, driving, and dispatching. He has a can-do attitude and a wealth of knowledge, making him a trusted member of the team for 20 years. Customer service is always Larry’s top priority and he never stops striving for success in the delivery field.

In the face of challenges, Larry rises to the occasion and is known for bringing his team together to get the job done. He approaches operations with a strategic mindset, always 5 moves ahead, and never letting the pressure get to him.

Larry is a well-rounded individual who enjoys sports, cooking, camping, biking, and traveling. He loves to engage in good conversations and is always open to discussing a wide range of topics, from politics and sports to business and finance. He values spending time with friends and family, and has a love for betting on sports. With his positive attitude and years of experience, we are proud to have Larry on our team and look forward to his continued contributions.


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