About Matteo

Matteo is an associate in our warehouse at Western Dispatch, after a short period of time we realized that through his hard work and attention to detail, he was the perfect fit. With a customer-first attitude, he can navigate his duties while keeping our clients happy. With Strong leadership skills, Matteo has been able to work alongside his co-workers to really help our warehouse run smoothly, his ability to solve problems and work as a team has made him a staple at our company.

 As well as being proficient in the warehouse, Mateo has a diverse academic and employment background. He has taken his courses and is on his way to becoming an EMT or a Fire fighter, we know everyone here feels a little safer knowing that we have someone on board that knows how to react in emergency situations.

As soon as Matteo is off the clock, he will have his hands full with the gym, a few of his choice video games, or looking into history. He also enjoys getting outdoors and getting some fresh air whenever the weather permits.

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