About Tim

Tim Milligan is a proud owner of Western Dispatch and a veteran of the company, having joined in February 1982 as a contract delivery driver. Throughout his tenure, Tim has displayed a dedication to excellence and a drive for success. After several years of successful driving operations, Tim was offered the opportunity to move into dispatch operations, where he excelled for two years before transitioning into administration duties involving receivables, payables, billing, and contract driver hiring and training. Tim’s exceptional skill set extends to IT support as well, having been trained in computer software and programming.

In 1996, Tim and Danny Phillips were approached by the previous owners of Western Dispatch to consider acquiring the company. One year later, in June of 1997, Tim and Danny became the proud owners of Western Dispatch. Over the next 25 years, they navigated the company through growth and innovation, building a team of dedicated employees and delivery contractors. Western Dispatch has moved operations to multiple locations in the city of Edmonton. In 2003, the company consolidated its operations at its current location on the northwest side of the city.

When he is not dedicating himself to Western Dispatch, Tim loves to travel the world with his family and enjoy hobbies such as snowboarding and anything on two wheels. He is a proud parent and grandfather and takes great joy in spending time with his loved ones.

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