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Want to get the most out of your logistics? Look no further than Western Dispatch’s Additional Solutions. Our warehousing, white glove, and dedicated run services are second to none, and we guarantee to help you reach your full potential. Trust us to handle all your logistics needs.

Dedicated Runs

Use Western Dispatch for your dedicated runs. It is safe, secure, and trusted. We cover all industries.

Solutions We Offer

The Western Dispatch Benefit

-Chain of Custody
-24 / 7 / 365 GPS Tracking
-24 / 7 / 365 Customer Service
-Bonded & Insured Drivers
-Freight & Package Insurance
-Advanced Liability Coverage
-Special Projects that are Private & Discreet
-Trust Worthy, Safe, Secure. We Carry Your Trust.
-Experienced Professionals


Law firms

Court House & Government

Real Estate & Professional Documents

Notices and Other Documents for Property Management Companies

Western Dispatch Business to Business Strategies 

As the largest same-day final mile provider in Edmonton, Alberta, our focus is on connecting you with your customers by offering customized delivery solutions that fit your needs. Our strategically placed network delivers flexible capacity when and where you need it while allowing your business to grow without the added cost of maintaining a fleet.

Store Stock

-Combine our ability to stock your store with our warehousing strategies to sort and consolidate your products

-Dedicated Stock runs 7 days a week

-Skids or Pieces, Big or Small. We will move it all.


-Daily transfers between stores

-Night Shift and Day Shift

-Bonded Professionals to access locked facilities

Dedicated Deliveries

-Built for your clients that get freight/packages on a daily schedule

-Punctual to keep your business flowing

-Regularity from the same driver breeds an environment with less mistakes, and builds B2B relationships


Try our White Glove Service options, we can make sure that you and your clients are getting exactly what is needed to complete any job with precision and excellence


Trained Professionals

-Your shipment is treated with top-level care throughout the entire packaging, shipping, delivery, and setup process
-We dispatch clean, safe vehicles operated by trained professionals
-Our trained professionals are equipped to assemble and disassemble products on and off-site
-White glove delivery service professionals are trained to deliver your shipment quickly and safely every time
-Our Service and Operations team is here for you 24 / 7 / 365 to assist you with all of your needs
-Eliminate the need for guesswork with scheduled, assured deliveries and a single point of contact


-Plans and Services for individuals or B2B solutions
-Experience dealing with special consideration products
-Inventory and return management
-3PL services to help distribute your products properly
-Processes to eliminate risk of lost or damaged inventory

Industries we service

-Private and Discreet Companies (Typically High Value Items and other such ventures where privacy can increase security and safety)
-Medical & Lab
-Electronics & Data
-Retail & E-Commerce
-Home Appliances & Furniture
-Automotive & Aviation
-Construction Materials
-Marketing & Promotional Campaigns
-Liquor & Cannabis
-Beauty Product Supply


Our professionally managed warehouse is equipped to handle any job with ease



-Verification and unloading of inbound load
-Inspection for damages
-Reconciliation of goods with paperwork
-Blind receiving and labeling prompt
-Inbound receipt reporting
-OS&D handling

Material/Product Handling

-Traditional pallet-in/pallet-out
-Repackaging, Re-labeling, and sorting
-Consolidation of freight to be sent out of town with 3PL
-Case/Piece handling in/out


-Appropriate storage location assigned based on weight, size, and other relevant variables
-Pallet labels printed and attached
-Product placed in secured ambient, indoor facilities
-Configured to maximize density and minimize client costs for long-term or short-term storage

Order Fulfillment

-Order details received from client
-Bill of lading and pick slip generated for skids, packages, or other materials
-Picking, staging and labeling
-Quality inspection and accuracy verification

Order Release

-Coordination with freight provider
-Loading onto 3PL or other clients Vehicle/Truck
-Update clients with order details to manage inventory and generate reports as well as invoices
-Order fulfillment and shipping confirmation documents sent to client
-Pick & Pack for E-Commerce and other business’ (Client pick ups or combine with our Same-Day Delivery Service)


-Secured Lock up for added security on high value items
-Chain of custody in and out of the lock up
-Lock up access restricted to key individuals


-Locked well lit yard
-Secured Gate
-Perfect for storing freight that can handle the elements
-Store trucks and trailers


-Advanced Alarm Systems
-Direct Line to key individuals protect your product
-Access to building granted monitored 

CCTV Monitored Facility

-Facility monitored by CCTV
-Footage is secured
-We keep an eye on your freight to ensure your peace of mind


-Storing and Delivery Branding & Marketing Materials
-Meet tight project deadlines
-Assist in preparing materials or products for deliveries


-Promotional packaging, samples kits and more
-Product kiting
-Bagging, Boxing, Collating, Inserting, Building, and Bundling
-Outbound orders, Pick & Pack, Ship all products with tracking and inventory.


-Store your seasonal products, marketing materials etc
-We take over the inventory and storage so you don’t need staff all year round
-Extend your capabilities with long-term commitments or risks
-Move your products whenever you need with our Advanced fleet of over 100 trucks & small courier vehicles


-Pass on equipment and facility costs to our team
-Eliminate concerns with Security, WCB, and Insurance
-More manageable Project costs with our fixed prices and detailed invoicing
-Let us handle the laborious tasks 

Carrying Your Trust

Contact us today to see how we can help with your delivery and logistics needs.